Kitty Korner

by Susie

I’ve been living with cats for so long it’s difficult to remember life without them; in fact I don’t want to imagine life without them. They are warm and cozy to cuddle with, they entertain with their antics and they just have a soft presence about them that makes home feel better, like home. Living with cats has enriched my life, so it only feels right to return the favor by taking good care of them.

Through the years I’ve learned a great deal about cat health, feline nutrition, kitty essentials and both fun and useful kitty accessories. I want to use this site to share what I’ve learned about the various aspects of kitty companionship in hopes that you will learn something useful from my experiences.

The kitty who was probably the most instrumental in my learning process was a long-haired white and black shelter rescue I unexpectedly adopted the summer before my second year of college. I named her Emma. Little did I know when I adopted her that we were in for such a long and fulfilling journey together. We finished college together, then went back to live with my parents for a couple of years when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Things seemed to be improving there and it was time for us to move on so we left the state together to start a new life, just me and her.



I was lucky enough to have Emma with me for over 21 years. Between the amount of time we spent together and the amount of change we experienced during those early years we formed a pretty tight bond. As time went on I realized how important we were to each other and I wanted to take the best care of her I possibly could to make sure she would be healthy, happy and with me as long as possible. I always feared and dreaded the day when she would no longer be with me. Unfortunately that day finally came. But I’m thankful I had the amount time that I did with her.

In my attempt to keep her healthy I learned a lot about cat food and how to read cat food labels. I also learned about cat health, how to spot potential problems and about some of the more common cat health problems. Luckily she was always pretty healthy. I attributed that to healthy habits and healthy food, but she may have had good genes too.

My husband and I now have three cats — the cat he had when we met and two rescue kitties. Even though I feel far more knowledgeable now then when I first adopted Emma, there is always more to learn, especially when you take in a wounded rescue kitty. But we’re all learning together and enjoying the journey along the way. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn something helpful here too.



Feline Dental Care

Proper feline dental care is a vital part of cat health care. When plaque and tarter build up on a cat’s teeth unhealthy bacteria start to outnumber the healthy bacteria increasing the opportunity for disease and various cat health problems. This bacteria can be absorbed into the bloodstream where it can circulate and start to accumulate in the liver, kidney or heart tissue.

Keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy not only helps control bad breath it also helps prevent periodontal disease, joint problems and more serious cat health problems like liver or kidney disease and heart conditions. […]

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Cat Behavior Problems

If your cat is exhibiting one of the dreaded cat behavior problems — urinating outside of the litter box — take her to the veterinarian first to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing the problem. Once you’ve ruled that out you’ll need to be a bit attentive to find the root of the behavioral problems.

Cat stress, cat aging, and litter box preferences are some of the main factors that commonly contribute to cat behavioral problems like peeing outside of the litter box. There are some specific things to watch for to determine if one of these things may be the root of the problem. Once you find the cause of the problem you can work to remedy it. […]

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Common Cat Health Problems

Cat health problems can be genetic or a result of factors out of your control, but I can’t stress enough the importance of a healthy feline diet and the availability of fresh water when talking about cat health care. A healthy, species appropriate feline diet can go a long way towards prevention of some of the more common cat health problems.

Knowing this ahead of time can create a much happier life for you and your feline friend by decreasing the human and cat stress that go along with cat illnesses, as well as the unpleasant frequent and often costly trips to the vet.

If you notice specific symptoms or if you suspect your furry friend isn’t feeling well consult your vet. Here are some of the more common health issues to watch for. […]

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Natural Cat Food

There are multiple isles with multiple shelves containing multiple varieties and brands of cat food. How do you know which one is truly a health cat food? Is natural cat food best, or is organic the best? You might try to read the labels and the packaging, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for you may still feel pretty confused about what’s truly the best for your cat’s health. That’s the way I felt anyway, so I started doing more intensive research on natural cat food.

Here are some ingredients to look for and to avoid when you are shopping for a healthy or natural cat food: […]

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