Anitra Frazier & The New Natural Cat

When talking about natural cat food and especially holistic pet food a name that instantly comes to mind is Anitra Frazier. Anitra Frazier is the author of the books The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners and the updated version The Natural Cat: A Comprehensive Guide To Optimum Care.

These books have been an important resource guide for many cat parents, especially those who are open to an alternative approach to caring for their companion. This updated version of The Natural Cat discusses all aspects of caring for a cat from issues like feeding a healthy or organic cat food to grooming and cat health care.

Anitra Frazier – Learning From Experience

Anitra Frazier has drawn from her experience as a nutritionist and a pet groomer in developing her holistic approach to caring for cats and cat health care.

Years ago Frazier worked for a vet who sent her to homes to groom cats. While she was grooming she noticed a host of problems from dull coats to allergies, eating disorders and communication problems. By working with the vet, paying close attention to the cats and working with the cat’s parents she started finding solutions to some the problems she was coming across. During this time and beyond she has gathered a wealth of information which is provided in her books.

Help Choosing A Natural Cat Food And So Much More

Anitra Frazier is an advocate of natural cat food and she even provides recipes she feels will provide maximum nutrition. One of her recipes is included on the homemade cat food recipes post.

Anitra Frazier’s book The New Natural Cat and her updated version The Natural Cat provides health and maintenance advice on topics including:

  • Providing high quality meals and treats
  • Holistic cat health care
  • Building a strong immune system for a healthier, longer life
  • Creating a clean, safe home for you and your cat
  • Grooming tips
  • Finding a caring veterinarian and finding a holistic veterinarian
  • Communicating with your cat

She also shares anecdotes on how and why her advice is effective. Anitra’s suggestions are presented with compassion as she always keeps the holistic view in mind. Anitra Frazier is a person who truly knows and loves cats.