Automatic Litter Boxes

Some cats are very picky about the cleanliness of their litter box and they won’t use it if it’s dirty. If you have a kitty like this you might want to consider getting an automatic litter box. Even if your cat isn’t quite this picky there are several reasons why you could be tempted by automatic litter boxes.

Why Choose An Automatic Litter Box?

If you have more than one cat you should still have more than one litter box, but if one of them is an automatic litter box they know they’ll always have a clean litter box. Keeping your cat happy in this area can help you avoid some cat behavior problems.

If you’re one of the many people who have a busy lifestyle, or if you have days when you’re gone a lot an electric litter box can be a huge help. When doing a multitude of things during the day sometimes the litter box can be forgotten or neglected. Having a self-cleaning litter box can make both you and kitty happier.

If you travel regularly on short trips or occasionally go away for a long weekend automatic litter boxes can come in very handy. Cats always miss us when we leave, but they are somewhat independent and don’t always need a pet-sitter for just a few days… as long as they have a clean litter box, plenty of food and a good water fountain.

Automatic litter boxes are also great for older people who have cats. As we get older it becomes more difficult to get into the necessary position to clean the litter box — stooping and bending isn’t always so easy as we age. Unfortunately some elderly people have even been hurt while cleaning the litter box, but the idea of giving up a beloved pet isn’t a desirable solution. A good automatic litter box can be perfect in this situation.

It’s also healthier for cat to have a clean box. Bacteria can develop in the box which can be bad for cats prone to feline urinary tract infections. Plus electric litter boxes can be a great tool in the battle to control cat odor.

How Do Automatic Litter Boxes Work?

To state it simply, the purpose of an electric litter boxes is to separate the waste from the cat litter using a mechanical devise instead of human-powered scooping.

Many automatic litter boxes do this by using a “rake” that runs through the litter collecting the clumps and depositing them in a tray. The tray is lined with a bag so it’s easy to clean. These litter boxes are meant to be used with clumping cat litter.

Some automatic litter boxes are slight variations of this. For example the ScoopFree litter box uses crystal cat litter instead of clumping cat litter and a proprietary tray that needs to be changed once every few weeks (depending on how many cats are using the litter box).

Then there’s the Litter-Robot litter box which works a little differently. With the Litter-Robot the main section of the litter box rotates while a screen inside sifts the clean cat litter from the clumps, then drops the waste in a lined tray.

Automatic litter boxes generally use a timer to signal when the cleaning process should begin. The cleaning process will start anywhere from 7 to 30 minutes after your cat leaves the litter box.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Automatic Litter Box

Do your research before buying an automatic litter box. Some have better records than others. The one I’ve seen with the most consistently positive reviews is the Litter Robot, but it is more expensive than most electric litter boxes.

Also make sure you’re aware of additional costs associated with the one you’ve decided to buy — things like special litter tray liners or litter trays. You may also need to use a premium cat litter for it to work properly.

After doing research and finding the right electric litter box most people are very happy with the convenience of automatic litter boxes, especially in multi-cat households.