Basic Cat Health Care

The key to a healthy cat is proper cat health care at home and at the vet’s office. Routine checkups can help prevent serious cat health problems and help your kitty live longer.

Why Regular Vet Visits Are Important

Regular vet visits are important because many symptoms of cat health problems can be subtle. Often times cats don’t show obvious signs of illness or pain until a condition has progressed. With regular checkups your vet can see early signs of illness or areas of concern and help prevent serious health conditions. This can help your cat live longer and have a better quality of life.

Adult cats should have an annual check up. Senior cats, 11 yrs or older, may need to have routine checkups twice a year. Talk with your vet about what he or she feels is appropriate for your elder cat taking into account age and overall health.

What Else You Can Do

In addition to regular feline checkups two other basics of cat health care are neutering or spaying your cat, and keeping your cat indoors if possible.

Neutering or spaying your cat can cut down on unwanted litters, but it also reduces the risk of uterine infections, prostate problems and certain types of feline cancer. Neutering your cat early can also help prevent problems with cat spraying.

Keeping your cat inside goes a long way toward reducing exposure to parasites like feline worms or fleas, as well as disease and predators. Just doing this can increase your cat’s life expectancy. Outdoor cats have a greater chance of requiring emergency treatment and needing prescriptions medicines.