Breakaway Cat Collars

While cats may not be as fond of their cute cat collar as you are it is important for them to wear it, and for safety sake it’s best if it is a breakaway cat collar. Wearing a pet collar is especially important for cats who spend any time outside. Indoor only cats have a much lower risk of getting lost, but they do occasionally slip out.

Cat Name Tags

If your cat has a breakaway cat collar and a pet id tag it will significantly increase your chances of being reunited with her if she becomes lost or injured. We never expect to lose a pet, but unexpected things can happen. A cat’s curiosity is one of those things that can create unexpected situations. You don’t want to take any chances.

A collar will also help indicate to others that she has a home. Sometimes a well-meaning person will try to adopt a cat that doesn’t have a collar or pet id tags because they fear the kitty may be homeless.

You can just get a simple engraved pet id tag or if you want something nicer you can get a personalized pet id tag that has a more attractive appearance. Just make sure the size of the id tag fits the size of your kitty; you don’t want anything too big or heavy.

Breakaway Cat Collars

Breakaway Cat Collars

Breakaway Cat Collars

Breakaway cat collars are a type of cat safety collar. Because cats like to crawl into small spaces, climb trees, hide behind bushes or furniture they have a greater chance of getting caught on something. A breakaway cat collar allows the cat to get out of the collar if she is in a dangerous situation. This can save a cat from choking or becoming injured if she becomes stuck on something and can’t get free. In some cases this type of cat safety collar can save her life.

Some breakaway cat collars have a safety latch that will release when enough pressure is placed on the collar. If your cat is stuck and pulling on the collar it will open so she can get away. Other breakaway cat collars have a section of elastic material that allows the collar to slip over the cat’s head if she gets stuck on something and tries to wiggle out of it.

Collars For Leash Training Your Cat

If you want to try leash training your cat you should use a cat harness instead of a breakaway collar. Cat harnesses fit around the cat’s body so the cat can’t easily slip out of it, but they also won’t choke the kitty. Cat’s have a delicate wind pipe compared to dogs so they can be choked easily; you should never use a dog collar on a cat.

Finding A Fun Breakaway Cat Collar

Because they have become so popular for safety and functionality breakaway cat collars come in a wide range of colors, designs and materials. You can find cute collars with the breakaway feature made of silk, nylon or hemp; you can find them with fun designs and colors, including holiday collars, or you can find them adorned with rhinestones. You may be surprised at the selection available once you start looking.

You can also find personalized breakaway cat collars. With these personalized cat collars you can have your cat’s name and your phone number listed right on the collar. This way your cat won’t have the jingling and dangling of the pet id tag. This option is a little less cumbersome than the id tag, making this a great option for the sneaky, stealth cat.

When sizing the breakaway cat collar make sure you can comfortably fit two fingers under the collar. With kitten collars you need to be especially mindful of the size and you may want to buy an adjustable breakaway cat collar so you can adjust the size as she grows. Kittens grow quickly so you should check the collar regularly to make sure it isn’t too tight.

Whether you are looking for cute cat collars or just something functional breakaway cat collars are a great and safe choice.