Breakaway Cat Collars

While cats may not be as fond of their cute cat collar as you are it is important for them to wear it, and for safety sake it’s best if it is a breakaway cat collar. Because cats like to crawl into small spaces, climb trees, hide behind bushes or furniture they have a greater chance of getting caught on something. A breakaway cat collar allows the cat to get out of the collar if she is in a dangerous situation. This can save a cat from choking or becoming injured if she becomes stuck on something and can’t get free.

Before going out to buy a breakaway collar there are a few things you should consider. Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Pet Collars

More pet parents want to be more environmental in their purchases and the industry is responding with more choices in ecologically sound products like green pet collars. Green pet colors doesn’t necessarily refer to color, although it can. These pet collars simply made from things like recycled or sustainable products.

There are some really creative and innovative companies that are fulfilling a need and creating a business they feel passionate about. Some companies are recycling products like bicycle tires and making them into pet collars. Other companies are using sustainable products like hemp and organic cotton to make soft but very durable pet collars and leashes. Continue reading

Pet Identification Tags

Once you’ve found the perfect cat collar you probably want to start looking at pet identification tags. If you’ve already started looking for a pet id tag then you know there is a wide selection available making it easy to find the right name tag for any size and any personality of pet.

You may think your cat doesn’t need an identification tag because he or she is an indoor cat. I have known other people who have felt that way… until they unexpectedly lost their beloved buddy. A few of those people were lucky enough to be reunited with their pet, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Continue reading

Cute Cat Collars

Cats are very different from dogs, so they require a different thought pattern when researching or shopping for a cute pet collar. Because they are so different you shouldn’t use cat collars for your dog, or vice versa. Pet parents … Continue reading

Airline Approved Pet Carriers

If you’re planning on taking your pet on one of your future flights remember to check with your airline well ahead of time. The dimensions of the airline approved pet carrier isn’t the only consideration; There are legal guidelines related to pet travel, plus every airline has specific requirements.

For example most airlines say the pet has to be at least eight weeks old and weaned. An airline may also ask for a current health certificate, issued by the veterinarian (many require one that has been issued within the last 10 days); this document should show that vaccinations are up to date and that your pet is in good health. Continue reading

Reunited – A Happy Ending And A Good Lesson

I read an article that serves as a perfect example of why it’s so important to have pet identification tags on your pet at all times. This story is also a good reminder of the positive effects of helping our fellow beings, whether they’re human or furry.

A guy noticed an unfamiliar cat in his back yard so he went out to check on her. The cat was friendly and seemed excited to get the attention. She looked very thin so the guy gave her food and water, which she quickly devoured. It was obvious that she had been lost for a while. Continue reading

Stylish Pet Carriers

I remember when shopping for a pet taxi meant coming home with a hard plastic box, so to speak, with a handle, hinged metal door and air holes throughout. That’s not the case anymore. With all the stylish pet carriers available there are plenty of options available from designer to sporty options. People are able to choose a pet carrier that better fits their lifestyle and the specific use. Pets are also allowed more places so they have been traveling both long and short distances more and more and having the right carrier can make all the difference. Continue reading

Sleepypod Pet Carriers

In the category of luxury pet carriers Sleepypod pet carriers are hard to beat. They have some unique features that will make you and your pet feel pampered. The interior of these pet carriers are plush, comfy and easy to clean. Sleepypod pet carriers come with a soft, cozy foam padding, but they also include a water resistant liner.

The round design not only has a distinct look, but it also contours to your pet’s body. The pet carrier is designed in a way that allows your pet to spread out and sleep in the way that’s most comfortable. Continue reading

Pet Fly’s Stylish Pet Carriers

The company known as Pet Fly’s developed because the owner of the company saw a big gap in the choices for pet carriers. She wasn’t happy with the choices of travel pet carriers that were commonly available so she decided to bridge that gap. She saw either low end pet carriers or ridiculously high priced stylish pet carriers. There was a lack of something in between that was fun but that also had a good design. She filled this gap with fun, quality pet carriers at a reasonable price and now she has expanded her line to other products as well.
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Pet Carrier Totes

A variety of stylish pet carriers have become more popular in recent years, but pet totes may be some of the more fun ones for small pets. Keep in mind these types of pet carriers aren’t a good choice for taking your scared pet to the vet. For this an enclosed pet carrier is often best. Pet carrier totes are better for the relaxed pet who frequently travels with you and who is comfortable being carried around like this.

There are some features you should look for as you are shopping for a pet carrier tote. The features you need will vary slightly based on your pet and what you are using it for, but there are a few common features any pet tote should have. Continue reading