Luxury Pet Carriers

Why buy a luxury pet carrier? Well, there are lots of reasons but most importantly because our pets are an important part of our lives. In fact surveys by the Delta Society, a Washington state group that studies the bond between humans and animals, show that people think of their cats, dogs and birds as family members. A survey by the American Animal Hospital Association showed that 56 percent of pet people surveyed were willing to risk their own lives for their pets and 64 percent were confident their pet would come to their rescue Continue reading

Pet Strollers

Cat strollers are good if your cat likes to be outside and is comfortable outdoors, but you haven’t been able to leash train her. They allow you to take your cat for walks or to the park with you while keeping her safe from traffic, other pets or from darting off and getting lost.

Dog strollers work well for older pets who can’t walk as far anymore or smaller pets when going on a long walk. They can help keep your dog safe from traffic and other pets. But it’s also easy to let your pet out of the dog stroller in case he wants to play with other dogs or walk on his own for a while. Continue reading

Safety Belts for Pets

Many drivers are in the habit of putting infants and children in car seats or safety belts, so buckling up pets seems like a logical next step. Although it is gaining popularity, safety belts for pets hasn’t become very common… at least not yet.

One of the main reasons advocates say it’s important to safely buckle your pet is because during an accident a pet can be thrown within the car and not only injure itself but other people in the car. Or they may jump from the car and dart into traffic, causing another dangerous scenario. Continue reading

GPS Pet Collars

Many of us were excited by the idea of having a GPS unit for our car, but as technology progresses we are able to find more and more uses for it. GPS pet tracking devices use the same satellites as other GPS devices to transmit information that can help us find a lost pet. These pet tracking devices are easily attached to the collar, or sometimes the unit comes as its own GPS tracking collar. With some of these systems you can even create safe spots or boundaries. When your pet leaves these safe areas you will receive a message letting you know. Continue reading

Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are very popular for dogs, but if you leash trained your cat you may even consider a retractable leash for her. While not a lot of cats are leash trained I feel like I’ve seen more cats walking on leashes these days. We have a neighbor who regularly walks her cat and believe it or not it actually looks pretty natural. She uses a retractable leash and it seems to work really well for them.

A retractable leash can give your pet a feeling of freedom, at least more than regular leashes, while keeping you in control and keeping your pet from darting into harm’s way.
Continue reading

Dog Collars

This site primarily focuses on all things cat, but since it’s not uncommon to have both cats and dogs in the same household, I have a couple of articles relating to dogs, like this one.

To start with, the weight and width of the collar should be proportional to your dog’s size. You also want to make sure the dog collar fits you and your dog’s day to day needs. Small dogs will have much different needs than large dogs. If you have a large dog that tends to lunge when he gets excited you’ll need to take this into consideration when looking at collars. Continue reading

No-Pull Dog Harness

Walking a dog can be more difficult than fun if the dog pulls or drags you behind, but with a no-pull dog harness walking can become more fun again. These harnesses are specifically designed to stop pulling and make it easier to walk your dog. Most of them are also designed to put pressure on the chest instead of the trachea so the walk is more comfortable for your dog as well.

With so many choices available it can be difficult to know which collars are best. Besides having a collar that looks nice you need a collar that is safe and one that will help you maintain better control of your dog without causing pain or other possible negative side effects that can come with some dog training collars. Continue reading

Facts About Cat Urine

Having a better understanding of something, no matter how unpleasant it may be, can help you better handle it. Understanding how to remove cat urine may hot be the most fun topic, but unfortunately it may be an important topic to understand if you have one or more kitties in your household.

Cat urine is the liquid waste that is produced during the metabolic process and excreted by the kidneys. Cat urine is generally amber in color, which creates the stain, and as you probably know from experience has a strong odor that is difficult to get rid of. Continue reading