Feline Dental Care

Proper feline dental care is a vital part of cat health care. When plaque and tarter build up on a cat’s teeth unhealthy bacteria start to outnumber the healthy bacteria increasing the opportunity for disease and various cat health problems. This bacteria can be absorbed into the bloodstream where it can circulate and start to accumulate in the liver, kidney or heart tissue.

Keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy not only helps control bad breath it also helps prevent periodontal disease, joint problems and more serious cat health problems like liver or kidney disease and heart conditions. Continue reading

Common Cat Health Problems

Cat health problems can be genetic or a result of factors out of your control, but I can’t stress enough the importance of a healthy feline diet and the availability of fresh water when talking about cat health care. A healthy, species appropriate feline diet can go a long way towards prevention of some of the more common cat health problems.

Knowing this ahead of time can create a much happier life for you and your feline friend by decreasing the human and cat stress that go along with cat illnesses, as well as the unpleasant frequent and often costly trips to the vet.

If you notice specific symptoms or if you suspect your furry friend isn’t feeling well consult your vet. Here are some of the more common health issues to watch for. Continue reading

Flea Treatment for Cats Including Natural Flea Control

Fleas not only make your cat extremely uncomfortable, but flea infestation and flea bites can also cause allergic reactions, feline worms or anemia. Flea treatment for cats is important whether you use natural flea control or conventional treatments.

When waging the war against fleas it’s important to treat the 3 areas they inhabit: your cat, your home and your cat’s outdoor environment. For every flea you see there are likely a hundred flea eggs, flea larvae and flea pupae, in your home and yard on their way to full flea maturity. These eggs, larvae and pupae are found Continue reading

Anitra Frazier & The New Natural Cat

Years ago Frazier worked for a vet who sent her to homes to groom cats. While she was grooming she noticed a host of problems from dull coats to allergies, eating disorders and communication problems. By working with the vet, paying close attention to the cats and working with the cat’s parents she started finding solutions to some the problems she was coming across.

Her book, The New Natural Cat, has been an important resource guide for many cat parents, especially those who are open to an alternative approach to caring for their companion. The updated version discusses all aspects of caring for a cat including feeding a natural or holistic cat food. Continue reading

Holistic Cat Food

Because nutrition is the foundation for a healthy pet, holistic pet food companies develop foods that balance proteins fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates into a food that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Holistic pet food companies take a step above organic cat food because believe in healthy pet food that is nutritionally balanced while also promoting a whole-life approach to caring for pets. The belief is that balancing all parts of an animal’s life will allow them to thrive.

Continue reading

Is Your Cat Drinking Enough?

The more I study a natural feline diet and general cat health care the more I understand how essential a high-quality feline diet is, but how little it’s actually talked about. You really have to do some research to get … Continue reading

Feline Worms

If you have a cat or a new kitten it’s important to know a little about the main feline worms that can cause problems for cats. Understanding the symptoms, how they are contracted and how to get rid of them is an important part of caring for your feline friend. Some of these worms can cause serious health problems so a little knowledge about this issue and proper treatment can go a long way. Continue reading

Feline Arthritis

If you have any suspicions of feline arthritis in your cat pay close attention. Cats are great at hiding pain so it can be difficult to tell sometimes until the arthritis has really progressed. Because cats are so good at keeping their pain or physical limitations a secret it’s important to pay close attention to your cat and note any little changes in routine or they way they carry themselves. The earlier you can catch a feline health problem the better your chances of treatment.

Degenerative joint disease is one of the main causes of arthritis in cats. This disease occurs when Continue reading

Feline Allergies

There are a few different types of skin conditions that can cause problems for your cat, feline allergies being one of these skin conditions. Feline allergies often causes a cat to scratch, itch or bite. Allergies in cats aren’t the only things that will cause these reactions in the skin, but they are the most common cause of these symptoms.

The allergy may not cause an instant reaction, but it may develop over time and repeated exposure. Cats, like us humans, can be allergic to a number of things. Allergens can include: Continue reading

Feline Urinary Tract Infection

Feline urinary tract infection is a serious problem that needs to be diagnosed and treated by your vet right away. It can occur in any cat, but it seems to be more common in males.

Some cats with feline urinary tract infection can develop crystals in their urine. These crystals can block the urethra and prevent the cat from urinating. A complete urinary obstruction is very serious and can be life threatening. If you notice your cat hasn’t been able to urinate seek medical attention right away, especially if he is showing other symptoms of feline urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of FLUTD or feline urinary tract infection include Continue reading