Cute Cat Collars

Cats are very different from dogs, so they require a different thought pattern when researching or shopping for a cute pet collar. Because they are so different you shouldn’t use cat collars for your dog, or vice versa.

Pet parents seem to treat cats and dogs differently when it comes to pet collars too. It’s more common to see a cat without a pet collar than a dog. Cats are pretty finicky about having things put on them in general. They want to remain stealthy and sleek with no hindrances.

Besides being more initially accepting of a cute pet collar, dogs also wear them more often because they regularly go for walks and the collar, of course, is where the leash is attached.

Cat Id Tags

If your cat spends time outside it’s important for her to wear a pet identification tag. Cats have a good survival instinct, but their curiosity can get them in a predicament that finds them “lost”. Or sometimes a person with good intentions may try to adopt a collarless cat, not knowing she already has a home.

Wearing a pet id tag of course requires a collar, so why not have fun with it and look at cute cat collars. Don’t forget about safety though, be sure the one you get is safe as well.

Sometimes having a distinctive fancy cat collar can even help reunite someone with their beloved lost cat. With a distinct description it can be easier to identify your pet. This is especially the case after a natural disaster.

Choosing The Right Size

One of the first things you need to consider is the size and age of your pet. Then think about the primary purpose of the pet collar. Are you looking for something sporty? Are you looking for something sparkly? Or are you just looking for a place to put the pet identification tag?

When looking for a cute cat collar you want to make sure the weight and width of the collar will be proportional to your cat’s size. This will help insure that it looks right and more importantly that it’s comfortable for your cat.

To find the right length of collar, measure your pet’s neck then add one inch. You should be able to fit two fingers between your pet’s neck and the collar. You want a snug fit, not too tight of course, but not too loose either– if it’s too loose it could slip off or get caught on something too easily.

Types Of Cute Cat Collars

There are a few different types of cat collars available. There are safety breakaway cat collars, stretch cat collars and the traditional or basic cat collar.

Breakaway cat collars have a safety release feature that allows the collar to break apart if the pet gets caught and puts pressure on the collar. This can allow the cat to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

Stretch cat collars have sections of elastic in the collar. They are a bit similar to the breakaway cat collar in that if the collar gets caught on something the cat can wiggle out of it and free itself. The elastic is generally hidden by design or decoration so you can have a cute cat collar that’s also a cat safety collar.

Basic cat collars are very minimal as far as design features. They are becoming less popular because they don’t have a safety feature. If you use a basic cat collar make sure you can get two fingers under the collar so if your cat really needed to she could get out of it. But better yet get a cat safety collar. They’re not any more expensive and they come in hundreds of designs.

Breakaway cat collars and stretch cat collars were specifically designed for cats. Cats by nature like to climb, explore, investigate, and squeeze into tight places. This can get them in situations where their collar can get caught on tree limbs, branches or various other unexpected things.

Reflective cat collars for the night owls. If your cat is out at night you may consider a reflective cat collar. With reflective collars be sure the material on the inside of the collar doesn’t have the reflective coating so it isn’t uncomfortable for your cat. If it is your cat might keep scratching at it and try to get the collar off. It’s supposed to keep your kitty safe, not make her uncomfortable.

Cat harness for training. If you want to try leash training your cat you should get a cat harness. A cat harness is much safer for this purpose because the cat can’t get free and run away, but she also won’t be choked if she gets scared and makes a sudden movement.

Kitten collars for the little guys. The new collar may be for your new kitten. If this is the case be sure to check the fit of the collar every few days because kittens can grow quickly and a proper fit is very important. You don’t want it to be too tight on the little guy.

Most pet stores offer a good variety of breakaway cat collars in nylon and silk as well as rhinestone safety cat collars. For the biggest selection, or for personalized pet collars, you may want to check at online pet stores or specialty pet shops.

If your cat is fussy about wearing the cute cat collar you bought don’t get completely discouraged. You may need to try a couple to find one you can both agree on. It may take a little time for your cat to adjust to it as well. Just be sure the new collar is comfortable, safe, and that it fits properly.