Dr. Pitcairn & Natural Cat Health Care

If you’re looking into natural health care for your pets you’ll definitely want to check out Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats. The latest version of this book is considered by many to be the definitive guide on a natural lifestyle for pets. If you are interested in feeding your cat natural or organic cat food you will also likely be interested in this book.

It was written by Dr. Richard Pitcairn D.V.M and his wife Dr. Susan Hubble Pitcairn M.S. who both specialize in natural healing for pets and feeding pets a natural diet.

Dr Pitcairn – The History Before The Book

Dr. Richard Pitcairn started looking into natural methods for pet health care when he felt he was seeing poor results with the treatment methods he had studied in veterinary school. His first thought was that he needed to learn more so he went back to school to expand his knowledge base.

This didn’t provide the results he was expecting either so he started studying nutrition because he understood how important it was in maintaining a health body and immune system. As he started studying the pet food industry he became increasingly interested in natural, homemade cat food recipes and dog food recipes.

He started seeing great results with this so he began exploring more natural and holistic pet health care methods. He finally settled on homeopathy for pets as his preferred method.

After studying homeopathy for pets for several years he is sharing his knowledge with other veterinarians by teaching a yearly course, the Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.

Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats

In the book, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats, you’ll find a wealth of information on natural cat health care including a few chapters dedicated to natural cat food and a natural pet diet. You’ll also find a discussion on a raw food diet for cats and easy to make homemade cat food recipes.

This book comes highly recommended by a wide variety of people. Just look at some of the reviews and you’ll see what a valuable resource it is.

The Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats explains how to provide a holistic approach to caring for your cat including chapters on diet including holistic pet food, exercise, overall environment, emotional well-being and relationships. It also includes a chapter on holistic and alternative therapies for pets, as well as a quick reference section alphabetically listing animal illnesses including a brief summary on each illness listed.

Dr. Pitcairn’s book is a great reference guide and it provides solid information explaining why choosing natural cat food is so important as it also helps you find more nutritious cat food alternatives.