Flea Treatment for Cats Including Natural Flea Control

Finding an effective flea treatment for cats whether it is a natural flea control method or something more conventional is incredibly important. Fleas not only make your cat extremely uncomfortable, but flea infestation and flea bites can also cause feline allergies, feline worms or anemia. If your cat has a flea allergy the flea bites can itch so bad she might scratch herself until her skin is raw. So if you notice any fleas it’s time to start looking into flea treatment for cats, whether it’s a natural flea treatment or something more conventional like Frontline Plus flea control for cats.

When waging the war against fleas it’s important to treat the 3 areas they inhabit: your cat, your home and your cat’s outdoor environment.

For every flea you see there are likely a hundred flea eggs, flea larvae and flea pupae, in your home and yard on their way to full flea maturity. These eggs, larvae and pupae are found wherever your cat spends time, in the carpet, on furniture, in pet beds or your bed and outside.

Flea Treatments for Your Cat

There are a number of flea treatments for cats, but first you may want to decide if you want to use conventional flea treatments for cats, natural flea treatments or a combination of the two.

Conventional Flea Treatment for Cats
Conventional Flea Treatment for cats include flea medication in the form of once a month topicals, like Frontline Plus flea control for cats or Advantage flea treatment for cats, flea sprays, flea dips, flea shampoos and flea collars. Once a month topical flea treatments like Frontline Plus flea control for cats or Advantage flea treatment for cats are probably the easiest to use and they are very effective. These flea treatments, containing insecticides, are placed on a small area of your cat’s back.

Flea sprays, flea dips and flea shampoos involve full body treatment. But with all of these you must be careful about keeping it away from your cat’s eyes and ears.

Always use flea treatments made specifically for cats. Some general flea treatments contain permethrins which should NOT be used on cats.

Natural Flea Treatment for Cats
Natural flea control includes natural flea powders, herbal flea shampoos and flea combs. Natural flea powders made from diatomaceous earth kill fleas in various stages of development by dehydrating them. Natural flea powders made from diatomaceous earth are non-toxic to humans and animals so they can be safely used on your cat. This also makes them attractive to households with kids and crawling babies. Note: Do not use flea powders made from borate powder or any other flea powder directly on your pet unless the directions say it is safe to do so.

Herbal flea shampoos are a good way to kill fleas and some are specifically made to provide relief for irritated skin. When using a flea comb keep a bucket of hot soapy water next to you to drown and kill the fleas that come off through combing. Remember every flea you kill reduces the number of flea eggs that will be laid.

Why Use Natural Flea Control?

More people and even veterinarians are turning to natural flea products for various reasons. Conventional flea treatment for cats use pesticides to kill the fleas, but these pesticides can pose a health risk to the animals and humans coming in contact with them. They are absorbed into your pet’s system and many feel they can affect your pet’s organs as well as drop their overall immune system. A growing number of people feel that regular use of these flea treatments are contributing to other feline health issues such as kidney and liver disease as well as cancer. You won’t have this problem with a natural flea treatment.

Pet parents with children are often validly concerned with using pesticides around their children, so they turn to natural flea control and natural flea remedies. Pets can also be allergic or sensitive to the conventional flea treatment for cats and they may end up having a reaction to the flea treatment which is suppose to provide relief.

Yet another argument for natural flea control is that some fleas are developing a resistance to conventional flea treatments. This hasn’t been a problem with the natural flea treatments.

Flea Treatments for your Home

An important arsenal in your fight for flea control is your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum thoroughly and frequently, daily if possible. Be sure to vacuum in dark areas like under furniture, around baseboards and even curtains. After vacuuming remove the bag, put it in a sealed bag and discard it.

Also wash your pets bedding at least once a week.

Conventional Flea Treatment for Cats
Unfortunately vacuuming and washing your cat’s bedding may not be enough to effectively control fleas. Some common conventional flea treatments for your home include flea bombs, flea sprays and flea powders. Flea bombs can be effective in large open areas, whereas flea sprays are good for baseboards, cracks and under furniture where flea bombs don’t reach.

When choosing the right flea treatment for your home take into consideration children, people with asthma, and other pets like fish and birds. Conventional flea treatment for cats contain pesticides so you need to be careful with them and always follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Natural Flea Treatment for Cats
The most common natural flea control for your home are flea powders. The two main natural flea powders are ones made from diatomaceous earth and borate powders. Both types of flea powder work by dehydrating the fleas.

Flea powders containing diatomaceous earth can be used on carpets, furniture, your cats bedding and on hard floors — it’s fine enough to get into the cracks and crevices. Since diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to humans and animals it can even be used directly on your pet.

Borate powders, like Fleabusters and Fleago, can be used on carpets, furniture and hard floors. The powder needs to be worked into the fibers where it will remain and continue to kill fleas for many months. Borate powders are more harsh than diatomaceous earth so they shouldn’t be applied directly to your cat or in areas where small children play. These powders are drying agents so they can irritate nasal passages if inhaled directly. As with all flea control products always follow package directions.

There are also some effective flea traps that you can place in your home to add to your arsenal of natural flea treatments.

Flea Control for Your Yard

Fleas like areas that are shady, warm and moist so it’s important to rake and remove leaves, grass clippings and any other organic debris. Also keep the grass cut. This will disturb their habitat.

The majority of fleas will be around the areas where your cat loves to rest or hang out, so concentrate on those areas.

If you choose to use a conventional flea treatment for the yard be sure to get one that’s environmentally safe. Don’t use these in areas where the runoff could go into lakes or rivers.

In the arena of outdoor flea treatment there are a couple options for natural flea control. Natural flea powders made from diatomaceous earth can be used safely outside as well, making them a multi-functional natural flea control option.

Beneficial nematodes are another effective method of natural flea control for the outdoors. They are tiny bugs that prey on the adult fleas and larvae. You can generally find them at garden centers or nurseries and some natural pet stores.

Whether you decide to use conventional flea treatment for cats, like Frontline Plus for cats, or less invasive natural flea control, controlling fleas is essential for your cat’s health and comfort, as well as your own.