Healthy Cat Food

The idea of feeding your cat healthy cat food equates to feeding her a premium cat food that will help keep her immune system strong and help to keep her at optimum health. It should help promote wellness By keeping the immune system strong with quality cat food your cat is much more likely to avoid many of the cat health problems that have become all too common.

What Does “Healthy” Cat Food Mean?

A healthy cat food diet consists of a foods that are natural to your cat’s biology, meaning high protein with low but quality carbohydrates. It also means feeding your cat at least some moist food and not all dry kibble. For some people this means a raw food diet for cats. But if you’re not quite ready for that you can find a variety of premium cat foods including organic cat food from companies that pay close attention to the true biological needs of your cat.

Too many companies use low quality fillers in their product because they are much cheaper. Unfortunately this can turn out to be costly for you though if your cat isn’t getting the nutrients she needs and in turn she develops health problems that involve trips to the vet. The other problem is that some of the fillers can be like “junk food” to your cat, with calories coming from sources that aren’t good for her system.

If your cat isn’t getting the nutrients she needs it can impact her immune system and other functions in her body. Once this starts she’ll become more susceptible to a myriad of common cat health problems from things like skin problems and urinary tract infections to weight problems that can increase her risk of contracting a more serious disease like feline diabetes. So you can see the importance of feeding your cat a healthy cat food. Luckily most organic and natural cat food companies help make this easier.

Diabetic Cat Food

Feline diabetes is a complicated disease that needs to be regulated and monitored by your veterinarian. But there are some things you can do to help reduce your cat’s risk of developing it, or to help regulate it if your cat has already been diagnosed.

Overweight cats and cats eating an unhealthy diet are at a higher risk of developing certain types of feline diabetes. So you can see how a diabetic cat food diet can come into play. A diabetic cat food is high in quality protein and low in carbs (preferably no grains, look for whole vegetables). Raw cat food, dehydrated cat food and quality canned cat food are typically high protein and low carb making them a better choice if you are searching for a good diabetic cat food.

Often times an overweight cat can loose weight by changing to a premium cat food — one that’s made of mostly high quality protein and low amount of quality carbohydrates. But remember changes to a new food, even a premium cat food, should be done slowly. Weight loss should also be gradual; if your cat loses weight too quickly that can also cause problems.

Wellness Brand Pet Food

There’s actually a brand called Wellness Cat Food and it is exactly what says — wellness cat food. This company uses quality sources of whole foods. They even add fresh cranberries and blueberries to the food to help maintain feline urinary tract health. They also have grain free varieties that make a great diabetic cat food.

When it comes to cat health care I truly believe and have seen proof that a healthy cat food will keep cats at their optimal health and help them avoid a lot of common health problems. After all you are what you eat. The same rule holds true for cats as it does for us.

If you have a difficult time finding high quality foods in your area you can find healthy cat foods and diabetic cat food at Only Natural Pet Store. They’ll only sell products they’ve thoroughly researched and approve, making it easier for you. You can trust anything they sell.