Holistic Cat Food

The pet food recalls have triggered a great deal of interest about what’s really in our pet’s food. This in turn has created more interest in healthy pet foods. More people are starting to make the connection between the growing number of cat health problems and what their cat is eating. After all healthy pet foods help create healthy pets. But some want to take it a step beyond healthy pet food to holistic pet food.

What is Holistic Pet Food?

Before talking about holistic pet food it’s good to explain the term “holistic” first. When talking about either people or pets holistic health refers to treating and feeding the whole body, not just the symptoms or the “sick” parts.

Holistic pet food companies believe in healthy pet food that is nutritionally balanced while they also promote a whole-life approach to caring for pets. The belief is that balancing all parts of an animal’s life will allow them to thrive.

Why Feed Your Cat Holistic Cat Food?

Because nutrition is the foundation for a healthy pet, holistic pet food companies develop foods that balance proteins fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates into a food that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Natural foods and wholesome ingredients that are carefully chosen and precisely cooked are important to holistic pet food companies. They also want to make sure the preparation and packaging of the holistic cat food is precise so the full value of the nutrient rich food remains intact.

Most holistic pet food companies believe that prevention is the best medicine. The belief is that by providing nutrient dense cat food your cat’s immune system will remain strong so she’ll be better equipped to fight off many cat illnesses and keep all the systems functioning properly. A holistic cat food approach includes disease prevention and supporting the natural healing process.

Holistic pet foods are usually made with human grade proteins and whole foods, like fresh vegetables and fruits, similar to most organic cat food. They also often include enzymes to promote greater digestion and good quality essential fatty acids to keep the skin and coat healthy. Probiotics are common in holistic pet foods as well, to help maintain intestinal health.

Holistic pet food companies are careful about the ingredients they use so their healthy pet food is also usually allergen-free. Using ingredients that cats are commonly sensitive to goes against the holistic belief. So cats with sensitive systems often have good luck with holistic cat food.

Where Can I Buy Holistic Pet Food?

Companies like Artemis, Pinnacle, Eagle Pack and Life’s Abundance offer holistic cat food. If you’re having problems finding holistic pet food in your area you may want to shop online pet supply stores or even better online natural pet care stores. Holistic pet foods are pretty easy to find online. One of the easiest ways to find them is on Amazon.

In general people have a better understanding of organic cat food or natural cat food, but why feed your pet holistic pet food? Because everything works better when it’s in balance.