How To Remove Cat Urine

If you have cats you may at some point find yourself asking the question, What removes cat urine? Discussing how to remove cat urine is not a pleasant subject, but knowing how to clean cat urine is an important part of maintaining a healthy, clean home for you and your furry (and non-furry!) family. Let’s face it: that cat urine smell just does not make a happy home!

Cats may start spraying or avoiding the litter box for several reasons. It could be because of a medical condition, stress, old age, or they may just be trying to tell you something through a cat behavior problem. It’s important to take your cat to the veterinarian to check for a medical condition. If it is a medical condition, treating the condition should help solve the problem. Learn more about Cat Urination Issues Related to Cat Health Problems. There generally some reason for the litter box problem.

Importance of an Effective Cat Urine Remover

Cats have a keen sense of smell, so knowing how to clean cat urine properly is important if you want to reduce the chance of repeat “accidents”. Not only do you need to clean the cat urine area, but you will also need to neutralize the cat urine odor. The ammonia smell in urine attracts animals to urinate in the same place, so the key is to eliminate the odor with a product that is made to dissolve the elements that cause the urine odor and not simply cover up the smell.

Just cleaning the cat urine area isn’t enough; you’ll also need to treat the area with an enzyme cleaner. This will help neutralize the odor, meaning it will remove cat urine odor. In fact, enzymatic cleaners may be among the best options if you’re looking for a legitimate cat urine odor remover. It should also work as a urine stain remover.

Cat urine odor removal can be a difficult process so be patient, you may need to iterate this process a few times, until the smell is gone. This is especially important when trying to remove cat urine from carpet because it will seep down into the carpet pad. You’ll need to saturate the area with the enzyme cleaner so it soaks into the pad to remove the cat urine smell deep in the carpet.

How to Remove Cat Urine And Cat Urine Odor

When it comes to cat urine removal and odor removal it’s best if you can catch it while still wet. It’s easier to effectively remove cat urine smell and a cat urine stain when it’s fresh. In this case you want to blot the area to remove as much of the cat urine as you can with clean paper towels, until the area is no longer wet.

After blotting the area dry, or if you’ve just discovered an old cat urine stain you may want to clean the affected area with a mild soap first. Note: Never use an ammonia based cleaner as a cat urine cleaner. Ammonia is what you’re trying to get rid of, and it may entice your cat to keep peeing in this same area. There’s nothing more frustrating about removing cat urine than having your kitty pee right on your freshly cleaned carpet.

After a basic cleaning of the area you’ll want to use a cat urine remover to get rid of that cat urine smell. The best cat urine remover will be an enzyme cleaner. When using an enzyme treatment to clean urine you’ll want to saturate the area to be sure the cleaner is able to go deep into the fibers to cover the same area as the cat urine and the cat urine stain. Follow enzyme cleaners manufacturer’s instructions for different surfaces. If you still notice cat urine odor after a couple of days you may need to repeat the process with the enzyme cleaner or try another enzymatic cat urine odor remover.

Some people clean cat urine with a water/vinegar mix to neutralize cat urine odor. If using the water/vinegar mix use one part white distilled vinegar to two parts warm water. You can either spray it on the carpet, or dribble it over the affected area. Be sure to use liberally. Let it set for about an hour then blot dry. Be sure to test this first on a small area that is hidden from view.

It seems everyone I know has a different technique for how to get rid of cat urine smell. Try a couple of the techniques I’ve described here separately and see what works best for your home and the material in it. Removing cat urine odor is obviously not fun, but don’t get frustrated or give up too easily.

Finding a Cat Urine Stain

If you’re having trouble locating the exact area where your cat has urinated or sprayed, or if you want to make sure you are cleaning all the affected areas, you might want to invest in a black light. When a black light is used in a dark room it will illuminate any traces of cat urine. If you’re in real battle with removing cat urine, you might be surprised how handy a black light can be.

When thinking about how to clean cat urine remember the most important factors are promptness and an effective enzyme cat urine remover. If your cat urinates in an area multiple times it’s going to be much harder to clean. So keep an eye on your cat to watch for behavior changes and changes in the litter box. The sooner you recognize there is a problem the better.