Luxury Pet Carriers

Why buy a luxury pet carrier? Well, there are lots of reasons but most importantly because our pets are an important part of our lives. In fact surveys by the Delta Society, a Washington state group that studies the bond between humans and animals, show that people think of their cats, dogs and birds as family members. A survey in 2004 by the American Animal Hospital Association showed that 56 percent of pet people surveyed were willing to risk their own lives for their pets and 64 percent were confident their pet would come to their rescue, while 45 percent said their pet listens to them best. What can you say, we love our furry companions.

Luxury Pet Carrier Features

Luxury pet carriers have all sorts of features that make them pretty compelling. They typically provide nice accommodations for your pet, including comfort and safety, plus they have lots of features for us humans too.

We humans like luxury pet carriers for their convenience and all their features. They are generally made to be easy to clean, many are leak proof, and they are made with water proof or easy to clean padding. They are usually pretty durable, whether hard or soft sided. Some of the soft sided pet carriers are adjustable or collapsible for more functionality and easy storage; this also generally makes them lightweight. They have openings specifically made for easy use and easy access to your pet. They come with comfortable straps, some of them so adjustable you can turn your stylish pet carrier into a backpack. They also have multiple compartments for carrying things like treats or documents (needed when traveling).

Many luxury pet carriers also qualify as an airline approved pet carrier. This means they meet airline pet carrier regulations and they can easily slide under the airline passenger seat. Some have an extended luggage handle, which can come in quite handy at the airport, with a pocket or sleeve to cover it while not in use.

Pet Safety Features

Luxury pet carriers also have lots of features to keep your pet safe. Many of them can be used with the seat belts in your car to keep your pet safe while driving. We’re not the only ones who should buckle up. They also come with a safety leash to keep your pet from falling out or wandering away. They have mesh doors and/or windows for good air circulation and good visibility. The visibility is good for your pet, but it also allows you to easily check on them. This can be especially good if they happen to be a nervous traveler.

Don’t Forget Comfort

Sleepypod Luxury Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Luxury Pet Carrier

Stylish pet carriers are also made with your pet’s comfort in mind. This is important too because if your pet is more comfortable she will have better feeling about being in the carrier and you’ll both have a more positive experience. Most luxury pet carriers have nice padding for your pet’s comfort, either an easily washable foam padding or an easy to clean waterproof padding. Some even have faux fur lining.

The thought here is to make it like a traveling cozy pet bed. A few models even have warming and cooling pads. They are usually designed to give your pet enough room to move around and still be comfortable. Some even have the added feature of a peek a boo hole, so they can have their head out to enjoy the scenery. The ones with the peek a boo hole resemble pet carrier totes, but the ones that are typically considered a luxury pet carrier generally have more features.

A great deal of thought has been put into the modern stylish pet carriers and luxury pet carriers. After all our pets are becoming more like family members so we like to take them more places with us and we want them to be safe and comfortable.