Organix Cat Food

If you’re looking for a good organic cat food Castor & Pollux Organix Cat Food is a great choice. The company, named after Castor the dog and Pollux the cat, is serious about making quality pet foods that will enhance your pet’s health. All Organix Cat Food and Organix Cat Treats fulfill the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program, so all the ingredients in these products are reviewed by an agency that certifies organics and enforces all USDA requirements, even those that apply to human food.

Ingredients In Organix Cat Food

These natural cat foods and cat treats don’t contain the bad stuff like antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO’s. They even use independent labs to test the ingredients before they go to production, and to test the final products for any possible contaminants or toxins before these products are approved for sale.

I love that they are so good about testing their food before releasing it. We all remember those horrible pet food recalls. That shouldn’t be a problem with this company because of the way they test their pet foods.

The other thing I like about this organic cat food is that they use organic, free-range chicken. So they even treat the animals used for the food more humanely. Chicken is the first ingredient in their dry cat foods, and if you read a list of ingredients you’ll notice you can actually read and understand most of the ingredients pretty easily. The top few ingredients, the most important ones, are all whole foods, no by-products or unhealthy fillers. They also don’t use corn or wheat, which causes problems in many cats — allergies, stomach sensitivities, etc.

Types Of Organix Cat Food

Organix Cat Food is an all stages cat food so you don’t need a different formula for your kitten and your senior cat. It’s made to provide optimum feline health for all ages. This helps make life less complicated and it makes me think they just have a few core quality foods because that’s all that is really needed. They offer a couple different types of organic dry cat food, the main ones are Organix Feline Formula and Organix Indoor Feline Formula. The Indoor Feline Formula is for kitties that are a bit overweight; it is lower fat, lower protein and higher fiber than their regular formula. Of course they offer a small variety of organic canned cat food too.

They definitely offer a quality product, but will your kitty like it? That’s the big question. Unfortunately there is no way to know for sure unless you give it a try, but I’ve heard positive comments from a variety of people. My own experience is mixed. My cats loved it at first, but then for some reason they decided they weren’t so sure about it.

For the many kitties that do like Organix Cat Food and eat it regularly I’ve heard some great comments about the cats being very healthy with a thick, shiny coat and good energy. I’ve also heard comments about fewer hairballs while on this food and less throwing up due to sensitive stomachs. If you’ve ever had a cat with a sensitive stomach you’ll definitely appreciate that.

The kind of food you feed makes a huge difference with so many cat health problems or potential health conditions. For the best cat health care it’s important to feed your cat a quality food that you trust – a wellness cat food.

It’s nice to know the food you’re feeding your cat a quality cat food. If you switch from a lower quality food be sure to make the change slowly, but once the switch is complete you will likely notice a positive difference in your cat. If you’re looking for a good quality organic cat food Organix Cat Food definitely fits the bill.