Pet Carrier Totes

Of all the stylish pet carriers available one of the more popular styles in recent years is the pet carrier tote. This of course goes hand in hand with the popularity of small dogs. Pet carrier totes basically look like a large purse or tote bag that you carry over your shoulder. Some even refer to them as a pet carrier purse.

Pet Carrier Totes

Pet carrier totes are primarily for small dogs, since most cats aren’t too fond of lots of outings with the humans, but there are a few cats who enjoy them even if they are just used around the house. Some cats just like to use them as a bed because they have a cozy design that surrounds them in soft, warm material and helps them feel hidden.

Like other small pet carriers most pet carrier totes are made to be very cozy. They are lined with soft materials like faux fur and they usually come with a padded bottom board that adds stability. Many also have removable linings that can be washed. Look for one that has mesh ventilation as well.

Common Features of Pet Totes

They have a few features for the proud parent as well. Pet carrier totes generally have a hook for a safety leash, but you may want to consider a top flap closure for additional safety. Of course you’ll always want your pet to have a collar and a pet id tag when you’re out and about. Many pet totes have pockets so you can carry your pets favorite treat or your own essentials as well.

Because of the size, shape and nature of pet carrier totes they’re very handy. They usually open completely at the top so it’s easy to get your pet in and out, plus they have the peek a boo cut away so your pet can hang out and enjoy the scenery. Their design also makes it easier to interact with your pet while on the go.

Pet Carrier Tote

Pet Carrier Tote

Not only are they a fun, easy way to take your furry friend more places with you, but they can also be an attractive fashion accessory. You may even consider a Designer pet carrier tote. Designer pet totes are made with a great attention to detail with design features ranging from hand stitching and hand bead work to special imported fabrics like Indian silk.

Some pet totes are also airline approved pet carriers. Just be sure to check the requirements with your airline well before traveling to make sure yours will be approved for airline travel.

Before Your First Outing

Once you make a decision and buy a pet carrier purse, or tote, be sure to get your pet comfortable with it before taking them on your first adventure together. This will help make the first experience more fun for both of you.

From the simple, cute pet carrier totes to the luxury designer pet carrier totes there’s definitely a wide enough selection to find exactly what you want or need for you and your pampered pet. There are so many choices you may even want a few to match your different outfits, occasions or different needs. Just make sure each tote has all the features needed to fit both you and your precious pet.