Pet Fly’s Stylish Pet Carriers

Pet Fly’s is a brand of stylish pet carriers that has become increasingly popular. They’re known for their trendy designs that are both hip and modern, without sacrificing comfort for your pet or functionality for you.

It’s no surprise the design of these stylish pet carriers and pet carrier totes is so innovative and fun, after all the woman who started the company is a designer with several years of experience in the garment industry.

Pet Fly’s came to be because the owner of the company wasn’t happy with the choices of travel pet carriers available. She saw poor quality, low end pet carriers and ridiculously priced high end pet carriers. She saw a big gap in the market of fun design, good quality pet carriers at a reasonable price so she went to work to close that gap and provide more options.

They now offer a version of pet carrier totes called the Puppy Pouch. This is a fun, but casual pet carrier that you can wear and carry your pet around with you.

Pet Fly’s pet carriers have become quite popular and now the company offers more than stylish pet carriers; they offer pet products like fashionable apparel that coordinates with the designs offered in the pet carriers so your pampered pooch can be properly coordinated.

Most Pet Fly’s pet carriers are airline approved pet carriers, but always verify with your airline first to be sure.