Pet Strollers

Some stylish pet carriers can double as the main section for pet strollers. In these cases the pet carrier conveniently attaches to a pet stroller frame. You can find some sporty pet carriers that work well for this.

Why Buy Pet Strollers

Cat strollers are good if your cat likes to be outside and is comfortable outdoors, but you haven’t been able to leash train her. Cat strollers allow you to take your cat for walks or to the park with you while keeping her safe from traffic, other pets or from darting off and getting lost.

Keep in mind not all cats will enjoy riding around in this type of device. You may want to try it indoors first to see how she reacts. If she seems to like it try going out for a short walk in a familiar area, for example around your yard.

Dog strollers work well for older pets who can’t walk as far anymore or smaller pets when going on a long walk. Dog strollers, like cat strollers, will keep your pet safe from traffic and other pets. But it’s also easy to let your pet out of the stroller in case he wants to play with other dogs or walk on his own for a while.

Pet strollers are also good for injured pets, for taking your pet to the vet or for taking your pet to an outdoor event.

Pet Strollers – What to Consider

Pet Stroller

Pet Stroller

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when looking for pet strollers is the size and weight of your pet. Dog strollers are made to fit almost any breed of dog. Larger dogs of course will require a more rugged design than a smaller dog or a cat.

Another thing to consider before buying one of these strollers is the terrain on which you’ll be using it. Will you be walking on paved sidewalks, through snow, on gravel paths or on grassy areas to get to your favorite spot in the park? If you’ll be using the pet stroller on terrain that’s a bit rougher you will want to look models with larger wheels, stronger frames and possible even shock absorbers.

If you live in tight quarters or if you want to use the stroller while traveling you’ll probably want to take a look at collapsible pet strollers. Certain pet strollers are specifically designed to easily collapse making them perfect for travel and storage.

If you want to use your pet stroller while jogging you’ll need to look at strollers specifically designed for that purpose. Pet strollers designed for jogging usually have 3 larger wheels, shock absorbers and other safety features. Many of them have compartments for carrying things too.

If you are interested in buying dog strollers or cat strollers but don’t have a specialty pet store in your area you can find them at online pet stores or sites where you can find online pet supplies. When buying them from online pet stores you may want to look at stores that share ratings and customer comments to help with your purchase.

Pet strollers provide another great way to spend more time with your buddy or buddies — conveniently some of them are even made to fit more than one pet.