Reunited – A Happy Ending And A Good Lesson

I read an article that serves as a perfect example of why it’s so important to have pet identification tags on your pet at all times. This story is also a good reminder of the positive effects of helping our fellow beings, whether they’re human or furry.

A guy noticed an unfamiliar cat in his back yard so he went out to check on her. The cat was friendly and seemed excited to get the attention. She looked very thin so the guy gave her food and water, which she quickly devoured. It was obvious that she had been lost for a while. But even though she had been lost for a while and had lost a good deal of weight luckily she still was still wearing her pet collar with the pet id tags dangling from it. Often when pets are lost for a while and they loose weight the pet collar can slip off, but fortunately that wasn’t the case this time.

The id tags provided contact information, but they were also an indication to the man that this cat had a home and that she probably had people who were looking for her. Of course he quickly called the number on the tags.

The cat’s mom was so excited to be reunited with her companion that she was already crying when she stepped out of the car. The kitty was equally excited to see her fellow companion as well. Finally the cat would be sleeping on her mom’s bed again that night, as she always had before she was lost.

The cat had ended up 15 miles from her home and was lost for about a month. The sad thing is that she probably wandered in and out of several yards but no one helped her until she finally found this kind man. It’s possible she was skiddish and difficult to approach; it’s hard to know for sure. But fortunately this story had a happy ending and the kitty finally found her way home, thanks to id tags.

Of course you never expect to loose a pet, but unexpected things can happen. So always remember to attach current pet identification tags to your companion’s pet collar.