Safety Belts for Pets

Many drivers are in the habit of putting infants and children in car seats or safety belts, so buckling up pets seems like a logical next step. Although it is gaining popularity, safety belts for pets hasn’t become very common… yet at least.

I’ve actually heard a couple of stories about pets falling out of a car window. It seems pretty uncommon, especially with a cat, but what a terrible experience. Yet the bigger reasons advocates say it’s important to safely buckle your pet is because during an accident a pet can be thrown within the car and not only injure itself but other people in the car. Or they may jump from the car and dart into traffic, causing another dangerous scenario.

Experts recommend that smaller pets ride in pet carriers that can be secured with the car’s seat belt. Because cats are usually so scared when they are traveling it is especially important to use a pet carrier when taking them anywhere, even to the vet. Using a safety belt with the carrier can provide added protection. Many stylish pet carriers and luxury pet carriers have this option making it pretty easy.

Sleepypod pet carriers happen to be very versatile in that they can function as a pet bed, a stylish pet carrier and a safety carrier in the car.

Companies that make pet products and even some car companies are betting that more pet parents will start buckling up their pets. As encouragement they are offering a variety of safety restraining devices and barriers for the car.