Homemade Cat Food Recipes

If you’ve decided you want to start making your own homemade organic cat food keep in mind cats need a balance of very specific nutrients in order to keep their systems running properly. If they are deficient in specific nutrients it can cause health problems. Using cat food recipes from sources you trust and adding a supplement to the food can help ensure you are feeding your cat a balanced diet and meeting all of her nutritional requirements.

One benefit of making homemade cat food is that you can find recipes to fit specific needs, for example diabetic cat food recipes or recipes to help cats with kidney problems. Making a batch of food and freezing small portions until they are needed makes this easier than it may initially sound and it can provide your cat with a nutritional whole food diet that doesn’t contain the junk that some of the conventional cat foods contain. Continue reading

Raw Food Diet for Cats

More people are looking into raw food diets for cats as they start to think more seriously about what their cats are eating and what they feel they should be eating. Our pets are part of the family and with a combination of concerns about ingredients used in commercial pet foods and thoughts of a more species appropriate diet it makes sense that more people are considering this type of cat food.

A raw food diet isn’t as simple as giving your cat a raw chicken breast; cats need other nutrients as well so it is best to follow an approved recipe or to buy already prepared raw cat food. The benefit of making it yourself is that you can control the ingredients and make your own organic cat food if you want, or you can add specific ingredients to improve your cat’s health. Continue reading