Pet Identification Tags

Once you’ve found the perfect cat collar you probably want to start looking at pet identification tags. If you’ve already started looking for a pet id tag then you know there is a wide selection available making it easy to find the right name tag for any size and any personality of pet.

You may think your cat doesn’t need an identification tag because he or she is an indoor cat. I have known other people who have felt that way… until they unexpectedly lost their beloved buddy. A few of those people were lucky enough to be reunited with their pet, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Continue reading

Reunited – A Happy Ending And A Good Lesson

I read an article that serves as a perfect example of why it’s so important to have pet identification tags on your pet at all times. This story is also a good reminder of the positive effects of helping our fellow beings, whether they’re human or furry.

A guy noticed an unfamiliar cat in his back yard so he went out to check on her. The cat was friendly and seemed excited to get the attention. She looked very thin so the guy gave her food and water, which she quickly devoured. It was obvious that she had been lost for a while. Continue reading