Breakaway Cat Collars

While cats may not be as fond of their cute cat collar as you are it is important for them to wear it, and for safety sake it’s best if it is a breakaway cat collar. Because cats like to crawl into small spaces, climb trees, hide behind bushes or furniture they have a greater chance of getting caught on something. A breakaway cat collar allows the cat to get out of the collar if she is in a dangerous situation. This can save a cat from choking or becoming injured if she becomes stuck on something and can’t get free.

Before going out to buy a breakaway collar there are a few things you should consider. Continue reading

Feline Worms

If you have a cat or a new kitten it’s important to know a little about the main feline worms that can cause problems for cats. Understanding the symptoms, how they are contracted and how to get rid of them is an important part of caring for your feline friend. Some of these worms can cause serious health problems so a little knowledge about this issue and proper treatment can go a long way. Continue reading

Choosing The Best Cat Litter

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to choose a different cat litter. But with so many choices out there how do you know which one is the best cat litter for you and for your cat. Hopefully these descriptions and a little experimenting will help you choose the best cat litter for your household. There are a lot of options available today that take the environment, your health and your cat’s health into consideration. Continue reading

Cute Cat Collars

Cats are very different from dogs, so they require a different thought pattern when researching or shopping for a cute pet collar. Because they are so different you shouldn’t use cat collars for your dog, or vice versa. Pet parents … Continue reading