Raw Food Diet for Cats

More people are looking into raw food diets for cats as they start to think more seriously about what their cats are eating and what they feel they should be eating. Our pets are part of the family and with a combination of concerns about ingredients used in commercial pet foods and thoughts of a more species appropriate diet it makes sense that more people are considering this type of cat food.

A raw food diet isn’t as simple as giving your cat a raw chicken breast; cats need other nutrients as well so it is best to follow an approved recipe or to buy already prepared raw cat food. The benefit of making it yourself is that you can control the ingredients and make your own organic cat food if you want, or you can add specific ingredients to improve your cat’s health. Continue reading

Wellness Cat Food Review

Wellness Cat Food ranks high on the list in our household, and it seems to be popular with a lot of other pet parents as well. Both of my cats absolutely love this food. I believe in rotating cat foods so I give them a variety of good quality cat foods but when I give them Wellness cat food the bowls are always licked clean.

Wellness cat food is a great choice for your cat because they truly care about what goes into their pet food, and what shouldn’t. Their foods don’t contain meat by-products. They are also free of possible allergens like corn, wheat or soy. You won’t find artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in these foods either. Continue reading

Organic Cat Food

Have you already made the switch to natural or organic cat food, or are you considering it? You’re not alone. More and more people are carefully considering what they put in their pet’s food dishes. Since people are eating more organic themselves it makes a lot of sense they would choose organic for their furry family members as well.

As you start doing research you’ll see references to natural cat foods and organic cat foods. What’s the difference? They’re both considered premium cat food, but they do have specific differences. Continue reading

Healthy Cat Food

Truly healthy cat food consists of a foods that are natural to your cat’s biology, meaning high protein with low but quality carbohydrates. The food she eats should promote wellness and help keep her immune system strong. It also means feeding your cat at least some moist food and not all dry kibble. For some people this means a raw food diet for cats. But if you’re not quite ready for that you can easily find a variety of premium cat foods including natural cat food from companies that pay close attention to the true biological needs of your cat. Continue reading

Natural Balance Cat Food

I’ve become a strong believer that it is well worth the time to find a premium food, like Natural Balance cat food. You may need to try a few to find the ones your cat will love, and you may not be able to buy it at your local grocery store, but once you start feeding your cat a quality cat food you will notice the difference. You kitty will be happier and healthier, and you should notice less shedding, a healthier coat and hopefully less unscheduled visits to the vet.
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