Basic Cat Health Care

The key to a healthy cat is proper cat health care at home and at the vet’s office. Routine checkups can help prevent serious cat health problems and help your kitty live longer. Why Regular Vet Visits Are Important Regular … Continue reading

Cat Spraying

While it’s pretty frustrating to us when it happens indoors, cat spraying is a natural behavior for cats; it’s the way they mark their territory. Spraying is done on vertical surfaces like curtains furniture or even walls, unlike inappropriate urinating which is done on horizontal surfaces like floors.

One of the best ways to prevent this often male cat behavior is by neutering your cat by the time he is 6 months old. Cat’s rarely start spraying if they are neutered before the behavior begins. If your cat is already past 6 months old neutering can still help reduce or eliminate cat spraying, plus it has a great deal of other benefits. Continue reading