Organix Cat Food

While there aren’t as many organic cat foods available as there are conventional cat foods, there are some impressive players in this market, one of those being Organix Cat Food. The makers of Organix are picky about what goes into their cat food and treats, as are most manufacturers of organic pet foods. They specifically avoid things like antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO’s. They use independent laboratories to test their ingredients before they are allowed into production, and they also test their final products before the food is finally approved for sale.

One thing I like about this brand is that their primary formulas are all stages cat foods. This makes it a lot easier to feed a household of cats of varying ages, from young to old. Continue reading

Newman’s Own Organic Cat Food

When it comes to organic food, including organic cat food, the Newman’s brand is one of the first ones comes to mind. Paul Newman’s company didn’t stop at people food, they also wanted to provide quality pet foods to promote health and well being in our pets as well.

Newman’s Own Organic Cat Food focuses on using quality ingredients including organic chicken (instead of chicken by product), peas, carrots, flax seed meal and even parsley. These cat foods also contain probiotics to help promote healthy digestion and overall intestinal health. They avoid the byproducts and cheap fillers and instead use quality ingredients that truly will benefit your cat’s health. Continue reading

Organic Cat Food

Have you already made the switch to natural or organic cat food, or are you considering it? You’re not alone. More and more people are carefully considering what they put in their pet’s food dishes. Since people are eating more organic themselves it makes a lot of sense they would choose organic for their furry family members as well.

As you start doing research you’ll see references to natural cat foods and organic cat foods. What’s the difference? They’re both considered premium cat food, but they do have specific differences. Continue reading