How To Remove Cat Urine

Cats may start spraying or avoiding the litter box for several reasons. It could be because of a medical condition, stress, old age, or they may just be trying to tell you something through a cat behavior problem. It’s important to take your cat to the veterinarian to see if it is a medical condition. If it is a medical condition, treating the condition should help solve the problem. Learn more about Cat Urination Issues Related to Cat Health Problems. There are usually causes for these cat urine problems.

Cats have a keen sense of smell, so you need to use a good cat urine remover to help avoid repeat “accidents”. Not only do you need to clean the cat urine area, but you will also need to neutralize the odor. The ammonia smell in urine attracts animals to urinate in the same place, so the key is to eliminate the odor with a good cat urine remover. Continue reading

Choosing The Best Cat Litter

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to choose a different cat litter. But with so many choices out there how do you know which one is the best cat litter for you and for your cat. Hopefully these descriptions and a little experimenting will help you choose the best cat litter for your household. There are a lot of options available today that take the environment, your health and your cat’s health into consideration. Continue reading

Cat Urine Removers

The most important tool to have available when you’re preparing to clean cat urine is an effective cat urine remover. This is an essential part of the cleaning cat urine process – without an effective cat urine remover you may not get rid of the cat urine odor, or even the cat urine stain, no matter how hard you try.

If you’re not able to get rid of the cat urine odor your cat (or any other cats or pets in the household) may keep returning to the same spot to pee. The ammonia smell in cat urine draws animals to pee in the same place. Once this happens it starts to get more difficult to clean the affected cat urine area. Continue reading

Automatic Litter Boxes

Cats can be very picky about the cleanliness of their litter box and they won’t use it if it’s too dirty. If you have a cat like this you might want to consider getting an automatic litter box. Even if your cat isn’t quite this picky there are several reasons why you could be tempted by automatic litter boxes.

If you have more than one cat you should still have more than one litter box, but if one of them is an automatic litter box they know they’ll always have a clean litter box. Keeping your cat happy in this area can help you avoid some unwanted cat behavior problems. Continue reading