Airline Approved Pet Carriers

If you’re planning on taking your pet on one of your future flights remember to check with your airline well ahead of time. The dimensions of the airline approved pet carrier isn’t the only consideration; There are legal guidelines related to pet travel, plus every airline has specific requirements.

For example most airlines say the pet has to be at least eight weeks old and weaned. An airline may also ask for a current health certificate, issued by the veterinarian (many require one that has been issued within the last 10 days); this document should show that vaccinations are up to date and that your pet is in good health. Continue reading

Safety Belts for Pets

Many drivers are in the habit of putting infants and children in car seats or safety belts, so buckling up pets seems like a logical next step. Although it is gaining popularity, safety belts for pets hasn’t become very common… at least not yet.

One of the main reasons advocates say it’s important to safely buckle your pet is because during an accident a pet can be thrown within the car and not only injure itself but other people in the car. Or they may jump from the car and dart into traffic, causing another dangerous scenario. Continue reading