Cat Behavior Problems

If your cat is exhibiting one of the dreaded cat behavior problems — urinating outside of the litter box — take her to the veterinarian first to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing the problem. Once you’ve ruled that out you’ll need to be a bit attentive to find the root of the behavioral problems.

Cat stress, cat aging, and litter box preferences are some of the main factors that commonly contribute to cat behavioral problems like peeing outside of the litter box. There are some specific things to watch for to determine if one of these things may be the root of the problem. Once you find the cause of the problem you can work to remedy it. Continue reading

Holistic Cat Food

Because nutrition is the foundation for a healthy pet, holistic pet food companies develop foods that balance proteins fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates into a food that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Holistic pet food companies take a step above organic cat food because believe in healthy pet food that is nutritionally balanced while also promoting a whole-life approach to caring for pets. The belief is that balancing all parts of an animal’s life will allow them to thrive.

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Newman’s Own Organic Cat Food

When it comes to organic food, including organic cat food, the Newman’s brand is one of the first ones comes to mind. Paul Newman’s company didn’t stop at people food, they also wanted to provide quality pet foods to promote health and well being in our pets as well.

Newman’s Own Organic Cat Food focuses on using quality ingredients including organic chicken (instead of chicken by product), peas, carrots, flax seed meal and even parsley. These cat foods also contain probiotics to help promote healthy digestion and overall intestinal health. They avoid the byproducts and cheap fillers and instead use quality ingredients that truly will benefit your cat’s health. Continue reading