Cat Behavior Problems

If your cat is exhibiting one of the dreaded cat behavior problems — urinating outside of the litter box — take her to the veterinarian first to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing the problem. Once you’ve ruled that out you’ll need to be a bit attentive to find the root of the behavioral problems.

Cat stress, cat aging, and litter box preferences are some of the main factors that commonly contribute to cat behavioral problems like peeing outside of the litter box. There are some specific things to watch for to determine if one of these things may be the root of the problem. Once you find the cause of the problem you can work to remedy it. Continue reading

Common Cat Health Problems

Cat health problems can be genetic or a result of factors out of your control, but I can’t stress enough the importance of a healthy feline diet and the availability of fresh water when talking about cat health care. A healthy, species appropriate feline diet can go a long way towards prevention of some of the more common cat health problems.

Knowing this ahead of time can create a much happier life for you and your feline friend by decreasing the human and cat stress that go along with cat illnesses, as well as the unpleasant frequent and often costly trips to the vet.

If you notice specific symptoms or if you suspect your furry friend isn’t feeling well consult your vet. Here are some of the more common health issues to watch for. Continue reading

Is Your Cat Drinking Enough?

The more I study a natural feline diet and general cat health care the more I understand how essential a high-quality feline diet is, but how little it’s actually talked about. You really have to do some research to get … Continue reading

Feline Urinary Tract Infection

Feline urinary tract infection is a serious problem that needs to be diagnosed and treated by your vet right away. It can occur in any cat, but it seems to be more common in males.

Some cats with feline urinary tract infection can develop crystals in their urine. These crystals can block the urethra and prevent the cat from urinating. A complete urinary obstruction is very serious and can be life threatening. If you notice your cat hasn’t been able to urinate seek medical attention right away, especially if he is showing other symptoms of feline urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of FLUTD or feline urinary tract infection include Continue reading

Choosing The Best Cat Litter

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to choose a different cat litter. But with so many choices out there how do you know which one is the best cat litter for you and for your cat. Hopefully these descriptions and a little experimenting will help you choose the best cat litter for your household. There are a lot of options available today that take the environment, your health and your cat’s health into consideration. Continue reading

Cat Urination Issues Related To Cat Health Problems

If you cat isn’t using the litter box, or suddenly changes litter box habits it could be because of a health condition. Cat health problems that cause a greater frequency of cat urination or defecation can be the main cause for cat behavior problems that involve cats not using the litter box.

Cat illnesses that cause pain while urinating or defecating, or cat health problems that make it difficult for the cat to get in and out of the litter box, may also be a cause. Cats can hide discomfort and health problems so if notice unusual behavior take your cat to the vet to see if a health condition may be causing the problem. Treatment can help prevent further litter box problems. Watch for these specific types of problems or signs of a possible problem. Continue reading

What To Consider When Choosing Cat Litter

There are so many types of cat litter on the market. Where do you begin in choosing the best cat litter for your household?

Some things to consider when trying to choose the best cat litter include ease of use, odor control, health risks, and environmental impacts. It will depend on your cat as well because some cats are more sensitive to clay litters than others, of course some cats are picky about the type of litter you use. So you may need to do a little experimenting, but here is some basic information that may help you with your decision. Continue reading