Healthy Cat Food

Truly healthy cat food consists of a foods that are natural to your cat’s biology, meaning high protein with low but quality carbohydrates. The food she eats should promote wellness and help keep her immune system strong. It also means feeding your cat at least some moist food and not all dry kibble. For some people this means a raw food diet for cats. But if you’re not quite ready for that you can easily find a variety of premium cat foods including natural cat food from companies that pay close attention to the true biological needs of your cat. Continue reading

Feline Arthritis

If you have any suspicions of feline arthritis in your cat pay close attention. Cats are great at hiding pain so it can be difficult to tell sometimes until the arthritis has really progressed. Because cats are so good at keeping their pain or physical limitations a secret it’s important to pay close attention to your cat and note any little changes in routine or they way they carry themselves. The earlier you can catch a feline health problem the better your chances of treatment.

Degenerative joint disease is one of the main causes of arthritis in cats. This disease occurs when Continue reading

Feline Fitness

Plenty of studies have shown that indoor cats lead safer lives and they have a greater life expectancy, as well as a reduced risk of contracting feline worms or fleas, but one drawback is that they are often less physically active. Too little activity can lead to weight problems or even cat behavioral problems. But there’s an easy and fun remedy for this — feline fitness.

Kitty play time can be fun for both you and your cat. It’s a great way to interact with your cat and playful cats can be pretty funny when they are playing. Continue reading

Diabetes In Cats

Diabetes in cats is a complicated disease that can be slightly different in every cat. Regular testing is vital when establishing the right feline diabetes treatment plan for your feline friend.
Diabetes in cats occurs when a cat’s body looses its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. The blood sugar is largely regulated by insulin which is produced by the pancreas. Depending on how much the insulin production has been decreased the diabetic cat may show few signs of this cat illness.

Feline diabetes treatment will likely include some level of insulin support. Part of the feline diabetes treatment should also include Continue reading