The Magic of Enzyme Cleaners

In my experience a good enzyme cleaner is essential when you need to clean cat urine. Enzyme cleaners break down the chemical nature of the cat urine; they don’t just cover up the odor like some cleaners, they actually help remove cat urine.

But they’re not only good as a cat urine remover, they also work really well on a number of other pet-related and non pet-related stains.

I’ve had a lot of success using enzyme cleaners on hard to remove hairball stains. My elder kitty has a sensitive stomach and long fine hair so we’ve had our share of hairballs and other related messes in our household. But the enzyme cleaners never cease to amaze me.

Recently I had an incident involving a bad coffee stain on my carpet. I blotted out as much liquid as I could, but it wasn’t looking good.

They next morning I went to rent a steam cleaner and grabbed a bottle of the stain remover–turned out it was an enzyme cleaner. I sprayed it on the stained areas and to my amazement the stains started to disappear before my eyes.

I now have a stain free carpet and even more confidence in good enzyme cleaners. The other benefit is that besides being easy to use, they are generally non-toxic so they’re safe for households with pets and kids.